When Sisters Come Together Magic Happens

When Sisters Come Together Magic Happens

There’s so much you can say about SIBEXPO (Sistahs In Business Expo), but there’s one word that says it all, TOGETHERNESS! We first would like to thank CEO/Founder Mrs. Aisha Taylor Issah for working so diligently with her team, not to exclude Mrs. Brittany Miller who’s so warm and kind hearted along with her team The Brittany Miller Brand bring forth such a needed, respected, appreciated and honored event for our sisterhood.

It was a great experience for Mrs. Sathya Callender CEO/Founder of Scars of Survival Magazine and her team to be present to not only witness sistahs coming together for one great cause but to provide media coverage as well.

There was so many of our sistahs showcasing their product. Natural care products, children books, and even Authors, definitely a variety of items available to purchase. We were able to sample these AHmazing products as well, naturals products were handmade. It didn’t matter which vendor you visited there was a warm welcome with love. We can’t forget the caterers that we’re there to provide us some great tasting food. Forget about traditional banana pudding, there was peach banana pudding and if you never tried it you should!

It’s helpful to know we as women and mothers go through so many things together. There was some impactful knowledge shared amongst the speakers and panelist which included Yandi Smith Harris, Betty Smith, and Quad Webb just to name a few. We as women wear so many hats so it was helpful to know about Yandi Smith Harris Yelle Skin Care Products and what it does to help us keep our skin looking young, smooth, and beautiful.

Super Power Panelist Averi Simone have us a nugget in regard to business. She said I’d you find yourself always trying to follow up with clients and forgetting after a master class you need to have your own sales funnel in place and make sure it’s animated so it works as you sleep.

Amongst our sisters it’s great to see young entrepreneurs like 8 year old Carmen who boldly and well spoken stood on the red carpet and talked about her new children’s book “The Adventures of Sunshine Honey”.

We’re grateful to have been there for the 1st time witnessing black women entrepreneurs coming together in sisterhood. If you missed is this year you will want to be on the building 2022 in a location near you.

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