ReHope Coach William's - 5 Step Game Plan to Mental Health Stigmas and Reclaim Your Future

ReHope Coach William's - 5 Step Game Plan to Mental Health Stigmas and Reclaim Your Future

The Live Webinar on Expertise TV was full of information and direction for women. The Platform allowed 2 speakers to share hope for women who are in domestic violence issues and both addressed mental health in correlation with self care and self love.

I especially liked the honesty within the topic because many women are in positions to help other women but aren't aware of the signals and red flags of our sisters. The idea of a safe place for women to get help and information to leave is needed in our community.

The other topic that was extremely helpful was seeking mental health help. Both of the speakers. addressed domestic violence and mental health awareness which are rampant in our community.

The Live Webinar addressed some of the problems and offered solutions and direction for the audience to even share with others because we all know someone or either may suspect that they are in danger.

"A lot of these issues can be changed/prevented once we learn how to recognize what we are going through", Sarah McGriff

Candese make a strong point about checking in our strong friends because they don't usually have a go to person because they are constantly pouring out of themselves. "I sit and meditate every evening and I make sure I do some kind of activity for myself", Candese

I especially like how Nydria addressed traumatic experiences for our young people and the different ways those experiences affect mental health way before adulthood. She mentioned that a young person could have been raped or told they have as short life expectancy based on a diagnosis and how that could affect mental health as well.

The entire Live Webinar made me think about the fact that African American men don't grieve properly or are told to not cry and how sometimes it could be mental illness disguised in disruptive behaviors, drug use and anger issues.

I'm Thankful that there are people like Rehope Coach Williams bringing awareness from our on perspectives instead of statistics that aren't necessarily positively culturally based

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